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St. Michael's Water Kefir
350 mL (12 oz)
shelf price: $2.95

Twist off cap - clear glass bottle

1.89 L jug
shelf price: $6.95
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healthy drinks from Caveman Foods Canada

Water Kefir Beverages 
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Canada Organic - Biologique Canada

Yes, we offer the 6 serving jug size: see

We are NOT a catering company.

We supply most catering companies and event organizers with
our water kefir beverages. Just ask them.
Catering businesses which offer
water kefir beverages from Caveman Foods
also display this sign:
alternative contact info

A lifesaver at social gatherings as
an alternative cold beverage.

Original, Coffee, Cherry

Organic, Probiotic, Raw, Natural Beverage

We have worked hard to develop a variety
of naturally fermented beverages, known as water kefir.

This fizzy drink is dry, bubbly, slightly sweet and non alcoholic.
Our flavours go "back to the basics"

St. Michael's Original Water Kefir
Manufactured by: Ann Payne's Caveman Foods Ltd.
Toronto, Canada M3J 3C7
Made in Canada
Certified organic by: Pro-Cert

For the GTA, Ontario

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